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Kimberly Vincent

Kim is the award winning chef behind TopKnotch Vegan Vittles. Kim loves to share her passion of Vegan food with everyone she meets. She knows there is a negative perception of vegan food in society and she has set out to share that vegan food can be delicious and just as good as any other food out there. 

TopKnotch Vegan Vittles was founded to help teach people that vegan food can be enjoyable. Ever since opening day Kim has collected numerous award for her "Best in the US Wings". Catching the praises of PETA, Kansas City Star, Veglife Magazine, and more. Kims vegan food is surely a game-changer for all Vegans and aspiring Vegans out there. 

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"Changing the Perception, One Bite At A Time."

Kim has had a life threatening obstacle that set her back physically -- but only made her mentally tough. Since then, she has had a passion for vegan food and it’s been a mission for her to educate and congratulate each person she touches whether it’s through her food or through individual relationships. Kim puts the soul in soul food because she really tries to please the body through the sense of taste and comfort. It’s much more than cooking for Kim. It’s a lifestyle and the way Vegan Vittles lives life.


Vegan Vittles is exactly what it stands for, good food and bites that don’t taste like your average vegan dish. But her brand stands for guilt free decisions that result in better, healthier options.



For media inquiries please feel free to reach out and contact us at the number or email. 

(816) 914-7517

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